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Legend - M/L black frame / Pink/red X-celLens

The LEGEND ski goggles by MowMow – the absolute pinnacle of eyewear swagger! These bad boys aren't just goggles; they're an innovation fiesta packed with the freshest tech in the game. The Legend comes in two lens shades: DREAM BLUE and PINK/RED, because your style should be as bold as your moves on the slopes.

Thanks to the X-celLens technology, your vision gets an upgrade to HD! No more distorted views; with these goggles, you'll see snow contours like it's magic. And guess what? Switching lenses is as easy as flipping a pancake at breakfast! Magnetic lenses and the TurboLock system let you swap lenses on the fly, just in case the weather decides to play games. Plus, we got your back with a BONUS LENS for those days when the weather's mood swings are out of control.

Comfort? We got it covered! The triple-layered foam guarantees maximum coziness without those annoying pressure points. And say goodbye to foggy glasses! Our anti-fog tech keeps your vision crystal clear, even during your most epic descents.

The Legend features a medium-sized frame that fits everyone like a glove and a cylindrical lens for that top-notch view. Ride down in style, ultimate comfort, and mind-blowing clarity. Choose the LEGEND and turn your winter adventures into a legendary saga.

Why go for a cylindrical lens, you ask?

1. **Wider Field of Vision:** See more of the sideways action.
2. **Less Distortion:** Straight lines stay, well, straight.
3. **Cost-Effective and Stylish:** Affordable and oh-so-cool.
4. **Reduced Glare:** Say no to annoying light reflections.
5. **Easy Lens Swapping:** Perfect for changing light conditions hassle-free.

- X-CelLens™ Technology
- Cylindrical Lens Awesomeness
- MagTech™ Magic
- Bonus Lens for Moody Weather
- TurboLock™ Switcheroo System
- Full REVO Lens for Extra Coolness
- Standard Lens Category S3
- VLT (Visible Light Transmission) 20%-24%
- Extra Lens Category S1 (VLT 73%)
- Triple-Layered Foam for Cloud-Like Comfort
- Anti-Fog Treatment for Clear Views
- Anti-Reflective Coating for Maximum Style
- 100% UV Protection because Your Eyes Deserve It
- Helmet-Friendly Design
- Glasses-Friendly Fit
- Spherical Lens for the Ultimate View
- Flexible TPU Frame for Maximum Flexibility
- 3-Woven Anti-Slip Strap to Keep Things in Place
- Lasered Logo for that Extra Swag
- Custom EVA Case to Keep Your Goggles Safe
- Custom Pouch Because You Deserve Fancy
- Manual Included for the Tech-Curious

Get ready to own the slopes, rock the style, and shred with unparalleled clarity. LEGEND, baby!